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The Power Commander V Pti

Power Commander V Pti Features

The Power Commander V–PTI offers all of the same functionality as the standard Power Commander V units, but also comes supplied with a prewired and preconfigured Bosch 3-bar MAP/IAT sensor. This unit is intended for vehicles that are going to be fitted with an aftermarket forced induction system (such as a turbo or super-charger).

  • Includes Bosch 3 bar MAP/Temp Sensor
  • 3D Mapping Capabilities (Boost vs RPM)

Power Commander V - PTi

On select models a new version of PCV is now available that’s perfect for forced induction applications. This new unit, PCV-PTi, comes with a Bosch 3 bar MAP/Temp sensor as part of the PCV harness for expanded capabilities built into the control center software.

The PTi version of the PCV gives you the ability to modify your fuel curve based off a pressure (boost) table and/or temperature table. The pressure table gives you 3D mapping capability based on boost vs RPM, while the temperature table gives you 2D mapping capability with up to 50 points of adjustment.

This new version of the Power Commander V is perfect for turbocharged or supercharged applications looking for precision, control, and reliability.

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Power Commander V Pti is shown with harness, and sensor (all included).