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Dynojet Certified Power Commander Tuning Centers and Dealers

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The Power Commander has been the #1 choice for EFI tuning ever since fuel injection became available as original equipment by powersports manufacturers. Modern electronic fuel injection requires dealers and tuners to fully understand its systems to achieve maximum performance and drive-ability. The wide variety of aftermarket exhaust and power-train components necessitates the need for custom tuning. If you change any part of an engine’s airflow or combustion process, such as adding aftermarket exhaust or intake systems, changes must be made to the EFI tune. Learn how to accomplish this using the Power Commander in training courses provided directly by Dynojet.

Dynojet Approved Power Commander Tuning Centers

Certified Power Commander Tuning Center This course certifies Dynojet Dynamometer owners (250 model and above) as “Dynojet Approved Power Commander Tuning Centers”. It consists of 3-days of advanced Power Commander training thought by the Ohio PowerSport Institute. This is a combination of classroom and hands-on dyno time. The course covers all models of Power Commanders and their accessories. Learn everything from proper installation to making custom maps using a Dynojet dyno with Power Commander and Tuning Link software. Upon completion of the course, your shop will be listed online as an Approved Tuning Center that specializes in custom Power Commander tuning. Approved Tuning Centers also receive additional discounts on Power Commander products.

Dynojet Authorized Power Commander Dealer

Certified Power Commander Dealer This is a 1/2-day training course available in your area or at your location (contact Dynojet for availability). This course provides dealers with all of the information they need regarding Power Commander sales and support. Learn how to properly install and use the unit itself with all of its accessories. Authorized Power Commander Dealers are listed online as approved locations that can thoroughly support Power Commander sales.

Questions or inquiries regarding Tuning Center and Dynojet Dealer classes send us an email at training(AT)dynojet.com.