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About the Harley Davidson REV X-TEND


Product Overview

The Rev X-tend feature will allow your Harley Davidson (V-rod excluded) with a stock ECM to rev to 6200rpm. No longer is there a need to have your ECM reflashed by your dealer. Now you will have full control over your fuel curve up to 6200rpm with the PCIII USB. This feature can be enabled on Power Commander III USB units with part #801-511, 802-511, 805-511, 807-511, 810-511, 811-511, 812-511,,813-511 and 814-511.

To enable units currently in the field it will require a firmware update. The unit can be sent in to Dynojet for $25.00 and we will enable this feature and send it back to you. You also have the option of purchasing a firmware programmer and the necessary software which will allow you to update an unlimited number of units. This package is part #HDREV and can be purchased for $40.00.

Note: Purchase the kit shown above with everything you will need to reprogram your Power Commander III USB only if your serial number (shown in the upper right corner) is NOT higher than 060201000001. If it is, the upgrade has already been installed.


Note: This upgrade is NOT for V-Rod model motorcycles

Accessing the REV X-TEND and Start Fuel Features

To access the Rev Xtend and start up fuel features open the Power Commander Control Center software. This software needs to be version 3.1.3 or newer. While the software is communicating to the PCIII hit CTRL-F on your keyboard. This will bring up a window called Power Commander Features Dialog. Check the box next to the feature that you want to enable.

If you check the Extend Redline feature then your bike will hit the rev limiter at 6200rpm. A different RPM setting can not be entered. If you ever want to turn this feature off just uncheck this box.

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Adjusting Fuel Ratios

If you check the Start-Up Fuel adjustment you will have the ability to richen or lean your fuel mixture during start-up without affecting the base map. This feature is normally only used on highly modified engines that have a hard time starting when cold.

To adjust the settings of this feature go to POWER COMMANDER TOOLS - START UP FUEL. This will give you two fields to adjust. The first field is the Percent of fuel to add or subtract during start-up. By inputting a value here you will offset the fuel by a given percentage above and beyond the stock ECM and Power Commander. The second field is the number of engine revolutions (or time) that this feature will be active for. A normal value would be around 150.

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Want Us to Reprogram your Unit for you?

Want us to reprogram your unit for you? If you would like to ship your PCIII in to us we can update it for you. Simply download fill out the RevExtend form below.

RevExtend Form