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Power Commander Tips for Harley Davidson Owners
Q: You do not have my exact combination of parts listed in your map database. How do I go about picking a map that will be close enough and is there a chance it will damage my engine if I pick the wrong map?
A: You start by picking the bike of the same model and year range. Then, make sure of the engine displacement (stock or big bore) and cams. Once you have that then look at the exhaust. If you have brand "X" slip ons, but only brand "Y' slip ons are listed go ahead and use that one. While we test many different slip ons, we find that most of them require nearly identical fuel changes.
If you have a “2 into 1” system, then look for other 2into1’s in the map database. Many of these systems require similar fuel changes and are a good starting point to work from. Small changes may need to be made in certain areas, but once you have tested a certain setup you can contact us with any “trouble spots” and we can assist in suggesting adjustments.
Do not be afraid to try several different maps to see which one runs the best. It takes only a few seconds to upload a new map and you will not damage your engine by doing so.
2 into 2 systems have more differences than slip ons and 2 into 1 systems. If your system is not listed you need to pick one that more closely matches the overall length and diameter of the system you have. A quick Google search will generally provide the necessary details of the systems we have listed to see if they are a close match for yours.
Again, do not be afraid to try a few different maps. The worst you are likely to run into by picking a map that is not a close match is either a hesitation or poor fuel mileage. No reason for concern about damaging the engine.
Q: I have read that the Power Commander just “fools” the ECM by sending false signals to it and that by doing this the bike cannot adjust for changing altitude or temperature. Is this correct?
A: The very first Power Commanders (Power Commander 1 and 2) made back in the 90’s did use sensor manipulation to control fuel. Those units were discontinued many years ago. Since the release of PCIII (then PCIIIusb and PCV) Power Commanders have used “direct injector control” to make fuel changes. After the ECM does all of its calculations for altitude and temperature it then sends the commands to the injectors where the Power Commander intercepts them. We then recalculate the injector time and control the injectors directly. This allows all of the bikes’ built in compensation to still work so that the Power Commander map does not need to be adjusted for different conditions.
Q: I have installed a Power Commander on my Harley Davidson and the bike is running well, but I think the fuel economy could be better. What changes should I make in the map?
A: If you do most of your riding at highway speeds I would suggest the following. Open the map that you are currently running. In the 20% to 40% Throttle Position columns between 2,500 and 3,500 RPM reduce all of the values by a factor of “5”. Check the fuel economy again over several rides. You can lean the mixture out more than 5%, but keep in mind that engine temperatures may increase and smoothness may decrease.
Q: I am happy with the way my bike runs, but it “pops” during decel. Is there an adjustment I can make that might help with this?
A: Some decel popping is unavoidable with certain exhausts, but there are things you can do to reduce or even eliminate it in most cases. The first thing we strongly recommend is replacing the exhaust gaskets. Most people tell us “mine are fine, I don’t feel a leak”, but after changing them they find that the popping is reduced. Also, check all exhaust joints for leaks. Tighten all clamps and replace any gaskets that can be replaced.
Once the above is done and you still have popping we can move on to the fuel map. Open the map you are currently using. In the 0% TP column from 2,000 RPM and higher enter a value of 20. Click upload and ride the bike. Often this is the only change that is required. You can also add a value of 10-15 in the 2% column from 3,000 RPM and higher (in addition to the 0% adjustment).
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