The NEW Power Commander V for Harley Davidson
Why the Dynojet Power Commander?
You might be asking yourself "with all of the choices out there, why would I choose a Power Commander for my Harley Davidson?" Good question. Here are a few things to think about.
Dynojet started making fuel injection tuning devices for motorcycles more than 11 years ago. While our first unit (the Power Commander 1) was for a Suzuki, we quickly began to focus on devices for Harley Davidson’s.
We have learned a lot over the years. There are many different aspects that make a fuel injection successful. Let’s go over a few.
Understanding what the customer needs.
While we could certainly make the software and module extremely complicated for the "techie" type customer, we realize that the majority of users want an easy to use and install product that does what it claims. We spend a great deal of time on testing and development of functions and features that are useful to our customers. We steer clear of gimmicks and features that people will never use just to make the product "seem" high tech. After spending years developing products specifically for HD’s we have narrowed down the list of "must have" items.
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Power Commander V
The Power Commander Features
"Precision Fuel Control".
Making a fuel injected Harley run correctly with the multitude of parts available requires large and specific fuel adjustment of the entire range of throttle openings and rpm combinations. Additionally, we offer the ability to tune each cylinder separately to achieve the best overall power output. Depending on exhaust and engine configuration fuel requirements can vary significantly between cylinders making this feature very useful.
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Some manufactures of fuel injection products claim that it is a benefit to not have a Throttle Position input and that a "magically" calculated "load" value is better. Ask yourself this "if it is so much better to not have throttle input why do we bother?" We could certainly reduce the cost of the Power Commander by doing away with it and the extra computing power of the unit necessary to calculate additional information, but the truth is that would cripple the product.
Without the point specific fuel adjustment that having the exact throttle position opening and rpm allows you, the Power Commander just would not be an affective tuning tool. It would leave you with an inexpensive box that guesses at "load" and only allows crude "low, mid and high" rpm fuel adjustment. That is not what today’s customers need.
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Power Commander Precision
"Ignition Timing Control."
We realized early on that while other motorcycles did not always need timing control, Harley Davidson’s do. Every Power Commander we have ever made for HD models has come with the ability to adjust the ignition timing. We often find significant horsepower increases by making timing adjustments as well as being able to correct detonation problems that make occur. You can advance or retard your stock timing curve by +/- 10 degrees in the exact same, point specific throttle/rpm combinations that we allow the fuel changes in. There is no reason to retard the entire ignition timing curve (and reduce overall power) just because you have some detonation in a high throttle opening/low rpm area.
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"Rev Xtend."
Due to the fact we control both the injector and coils on the bike we are able to increase the rev limit of your stock ECM without an expensive "flash" upgrade from the dealer. We are able to increase the rev limiter to 6,200 rpm as part of the normal Power Commander functions without additional cost.
"Worlds Largest Map Database."
What is a "map" anyway? I am sure you have heard this term over and over, but what does it really mean? A "map" is simply a set of instructions that the Power Commander uses to determine where and when to make fuel and ignition adjustments.
"Where do these maps come from," you ask? All of the maps that Dynojet offers are developed in house, on our dynamometers, with all of the listed parts actually installed on the motorcycle. We do not computer model what adjustments "should" be required using some mathematical formula. We install all of the exhaust, cams, pistons, etc. onto actual bikes and run them through a series of tests to determine the correct adjustments. That allows you to benefit from our extensive testing and to have the settings you need for your bike without undo additional cost.
"Technical Support."
While we make every effort to make things as easy as possible you may still have questions. Dynojet has never forgotten that the customer is why we are in business. We have a large staff on hand to answer technical phone calls or emails. In certain circumstances we can even log into a customers computer to help diagnose a problem or even update a Power Commander. Don’t forget after sale service when shopping for electronic parts. Many companies fall very short in this area. Tech Support Form. Call us at: 1-800-992-4991
Power Commander V Accessories
Power Commander V has all the same accessories Power Commander III USB has and more. Below you can view some of these accessories.
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